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Two days Workshop on Node JS in Bengaluru

Ram Software Engineering Labs along with HasGeek announces

Workshop on NodeJS

by Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy, Arun Vijayarengan

An intensive hands-on workshop to fast track full-fledged Enterprise Application Development on NodeJS platform. This is the first workshop in the 3 part series on NodeJS focusing on establishing a strong foundataion in server side Javascript as well as using Javascript as the full-stack programming language.

8 hrs per day

10 – 11 Sep 2016

09:00 – 18:00

Currently Rs.4800

Venue: Quintype Office, No. 29, Old Airport Road, 3rd Floor, Murgesh Palya, Opp Kemp Fort Mall, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560038

This course is suitable for technically-minded graduates and working professionals in any role, across any industry who would like to use Javascript as a General purpose Programming Language to build variety of applications from desktop tools to fully-functional, robust Enterprise Applications.

  1. Prior experience in Javascript
  2. Fluency in programming using any of Java, C#, Python
  3. Fair Understanding of HTTP protocol

You’ll walk away from this 2-day course confident in your ability to:

  1. Build applications using one of the most widely used Javascript server side engine
  2. Build middleware using Express Framework
  3. Build automation using GruntJS
  4. Experience Javascript as a full-stack programming language

Course Highlights

DAY 1:

Getting Started with Node.js
  • Setup Node js
  • Hello Node
  • Modules and NPM
  • Accessing built-in modules
  • Using NPM to find 3rd party modules
  • Maintaining projects using NPM command
  • Creating Modules with getters and setters
  • Understanding module caching and scopes
Events and Streams
  • Node’s event loop
  • Events and EventEmitter class
  • Inheriting from EventEmitter
  • Readable and Writable Streams, the Pipe function
  • Piping Between Streams
  • Writing asynchronous code
Accessing the Local System
  • Process Object
  • Interacting with the file system
  • Buffers
  • OS Module
Interacting with the Web
  • Making web requests in Node
  • Web server in Node
  • Real time interaction with Socket.IO

DAY 2:

Using Express Framework
  • Starting Express applications
  • Handling GET requests returning JSON
  • Navigating large datasets
  • Modifying data through PUT requests
Sessions and Databases
  • Starting Express applications
  • Handling GET requests returning JSON
  • Navigating large datasets
  • Modifying data through PUT requests
Scaling node application
  • The Child Process module
  • Exec function
  • Spawn function
  • Fork function
Overview of Grunt JS
  • Installing Grunt
  • Configuring Tasks
  • Creating Grunt tasks
  • Writing custom Grunt task
Overview of MEAN stack
  • Install MEAN stack
  • Hands-on case study building web application on MEAN stack

Just a few days left

About the Instructors

Arun Krishnamurthy

Arun is a hands-on full-stack Solution Architect fluent in Java, Javascript, Android, Scala, SQL/NoSQL platforms with more than 16 years of intense Software Engineering and hands-on development experience in a technology leadership and ownership role.

Having founded Ram Software Engineering Labs in 2010, he consults various organizations helping them build “complete” software as well as undertakes corporate training on various topics across the stack.

Arun apart from consulting organizations on building NodeJS based solutions, he has architected and built a robust, customizable CRM solution running on NodeJS with all Software Engineering tooling running on NodeJS. Arun has also load balanced and horizontally scaled solutions in production deployment for better performance. With Javascript tooling and programming environment getting matured in the last 5 to 7 years, NodeJS based enterprise solutions have become Arun’s preferred stack for building scalable, high-performing, efficient Enterprise applications.

Arun Vijayarengan

Arun Vijayarengan has more than 10 years of professional experience in the entire front-end ranging from UX, Usability, Accessibility to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He keeps himself busy with latest JS standard ECMAScript 2015, Javascript libraries such as React JS, Angular 2, NodeJS and related frameworks.

Arun Vijay is now a Director – Front-End at Ram Software Engineering Labs. Prior to joining Ram SE Labs, his last 3 years have been with Freshdesk, a hot enterprise startup. He founded Jobspora in 2012, a product startup that offered comprehensive recruitment platform. When RIA – Rich Internet Applications were ruling the web back in 2009, he mastered Adobe Flex & AIR and released an installable cross-platform product ‘SpeedyWeber’ that helped web designers to code quickly.

Arun Vijay had a brief stint as a freelancer in 2006 and then he went on to become a consultant and trainer in National Informatics Center in a central government project in 2007. He has kept his passion for consulting and training alive since then.

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