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About Us

A peer group of Software Engineers continuously enhancing their expertise in technologies, development methodologies, engineering and management processes

Our Journey

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Year of Incorporation

Kickstarted the operation on 10 September 2010 Started with a guest lecture on Professional Software Development at Bannari Amman Institute of Technology where founder’s brother Ramkumar graduated Formally incorporated as Private Limited on 19 November 2010 Got our first customer in QSO Technologies for a consulting assignment


Year of Corporate Training

Built the experise in delivering corporate training on various topics according to the objectives of Corporate clients Key topics include complete spectrum of Java platform from Core Java to Enterprise (Spring, Hibernate, EJB) and to EAI (ServiceMix, Web services) Celebrated one year anniversary with a free 2 day workshop on Functional Programming with Scala


Year of Software Consulting

Successfully demonstrated our all round Software Engineering skills in various consulting assignments Continued our expertise and experience in corporate training with repetitive programs on Web services, OOAD, Software Engineering certification Celebrated two year anniversary with a 2 day workshop on Hadoop, Mahout and NoSQL databases Rolled out our first product in health care serving as a Hospital Management System for KSAC Hospital, Bangalore


Year of Product Development

Kicked-off development of our premium collaboration portal ‘Paatashaala’ for educational institutions offered as PaaS, a platform to Collaborate, Learn, Share and Manage Played a vital role in integrating a leading Equity trading platform with down stream systems for a leading South Asian exchange. Joined hands with hasGeek to conduct a 3 day workshop on Android Application Development


Year of Visibility

Having gained expertise and success in diversified areas, this year brings Ram Labs out of the stealth mode Official launch of Paatashaala in the second half of 2014. Rolling out of 3 week Professional Software Development training programme focusing on all-round Software Engineering skills that will be conducted only once every year. Marketing and showcasing our all round Software Engineering skills in the industry


Year of Consolidation

Due to diversified portfolio comprising consulting, training and product development, the product development lacked dedicated focus that it required. Hence, a judicious consolidation was done to place product development in cold storage until a sizable peer team of highly competent and experienced Software Engineers become part of Ram SE Labs. It was a tough but a bold and realistic call required in this year.


Year of Technology Peer Group

With the primary focus on technology consulting, Ram SE Labs set out to lay the founding stone for scale – a peer group of high end technology consultants working across the layers to build ‘complete’ software. This hierarchy free, peer group structure is also reflected in the organization structure where every member is a registered director of company. Every member not only gets their own control and freedom on what they want to pursue, but also a sense of belonging to a niche team who together can build great and complete solutions and frameworks.


Year on AI, Bots, IoT and JavaScript

The peer group focused on working in their interested tech stacks so far, this year as usual they unleashed their potential on latest tech stacks. The team worked on wide variety of cool trendy stuff this year. We built Chatbots, worked on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things. JavaScript stood out again this year. Angular 2+ with NodeJS Backend – i.e MEAN with ng2+, an awesome combination came to the fore this year for most of the customers. We at last found some time to try our hands in Alexa skills development for Amazon Echo devices as well.

Ethics and Values

Value every human being

Build an organization on faith and integrity

Have every collaboration and transaction fair and transparent

Work for pride and not just for return

Never become complacent

Be result oriented

Take time to give your commitment. Don't miss it any time.

Let success energize next endeavour and not the arrogance

Be socially responsible

Be magnanimous

Be accountable during testing times and build camaraderie


Our Team


Arunkumar Krishnamoorthy

Founder & Director - Software Engineering

Arun has more than 16 years of Software Development experience in various technology leadership roles. Arun has worked across the complete stack on multiple platforms predominantly leveraging open source frameworks. Arun likes everything he does and thrives to be perfect in what he does.


SaravanaKumar Anbarasu

Director - Software Engineering

Saravana has more than 10 years of IT industry experience in variety of technical roles. Saravana is a passionate technologist, open source enthusiast and software engineering practitioner. Saravana is specialized in Solution Design, Technical Architecture and Application/Platform Development in Java and Big Data Analytics stack.


Arun Vijayarengan

Director - Front End Engineering

Arun Vijayarengan has more than 10 years of professional experience in the front-end ranging from UX, Usability, Accessibility to HTML, CSS and JavaScript. He keeps himself busy with latest JS standard ECMAScript 2015, Javascript libraries such as React JS, Angular 2, NodeJS and related frameworks.