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Consulting Services

Front End Development

Looking for someone experienced to work with you on Latest Angular and React? We will quickly help your team to make things rolling.

Big Data Analytics

We are specialised in designing and building enterprise data lake / analytics platforms and solutions on Hadoop, Spark, Kafka, Java/Scala stacks.

Full Stack Development

We can help you build enterprise-ready Apps in Java/ JEE / Spring + JavaScript Stack. MEAN/ MERN Stack, RDBMS/NoSQL, we deal with them all.

Machine Learning - AI - Bots

We have expertise in building predictive and recommendation models with machine learning algorithms and automation through AI.

Enterprise App Integration

We are specialised in designing and building enterprise application integration solutions with open source ESB/integration frameworks.

Software Engineering

We help companies setup Software Engineering Process/Practices with Agile / Devops Methodologies to develop and deliver robust software.

Consulting Methodologies

Bootstrap Consulting

We enter during the initial phase of software development as experts and perform tasks such as Business analysis, Requirements Engineering, Architecture, Design Specification and a lot more.

Bailout Consulting

We enter as fire fighters to perform tasks such as Streamlining Requirements Management, Configuration Management and Build & Release Management, Code refactoring, re-engineering and test automation.

Backup Consulting

We provide you with necessary backing as reviewers and mentors to perform such as Design and Code reviews, Technology evaluation and recommendations, Independent Software Engineering and Project Management audit.

What we can do for you

Business Analysis

Do a thorough stakeholder analysis to come up with business use cases, business data models, business processes, rules and restrictions. Deliver Business Requirements depicting different models with the use of UML and various techniques like SWOT, Five Whys, CATWOE, etc. We understand Capital Markets, Education and Healthcare domain better.

Efficient Development Practices

Set up coding standards, guidelines, review checklist, automated review and reporting tools integrated with IDE Coach team for appropriate approaches like TDD, Xtreme programming and applications of patterns. Use cloud based environment where applicable. We continuously strive to gain expertise in every platform and programming language.

Requirements Engineering

Do a thorough system and use case analysis to elicit and document system requirements. Deliver system requirements detailing functional and non-functional requirements along with use case scenarios, user stories. Set up requirements management techniques and practices that trace and control system requirements.

Continuous Deployment

Automate build & release process with tools like Maven, Gradle. Integrate complete engineering tool suite - version control (SVN, Git), continuous build (Hudson, Jenkins), build (Maven, Gradle), review (Code cover, PMD, Findbugs), reporting (SONAR), white box and black box testing (XUnit, JMeter, Fitnesse, Selenium) and issue tracking (JIRA, Redmine, etc).

Architecture and Design

Achieve conceptual integrity with the stated requirements through careful selection of each building block in every layer of software architecture. Deliver architecture and design specification presenting 4+1 architecture view stating contract of individual component. Build prototype and the core foundation as a proof of concept for realizing critical requirements.

Test Strategy and Test Automation

Identify test strategy and test plan for validating functional and non-functional requirements. Automate each type of tests with relevant tools like JUnit, Mock test framework, Fitnesse, Selenium, JMeter, LoadUI Build custom test harness for integrated and distributed applications.

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